Write down the exercises you should do in the pool to lose weight


In summer we move, but we also eat after hours and snack a lot. Something unhealthy. Write down the exercises you should do in the pool to lose weight and enjoy the water. Well, this way you can enjoy yourself, do sports and, incidentally, reduce that extra fat.

Some are easy and others more complicated, but with time you have it good to get more with them. The important thing is to move to be active.

Leg raises

This exercise can be done in or out of the water, that is, sitting on the edge of the pool. Thus we separate the legs and raise one leg first until reaching a 90 degree angle, and then we will do it with the other leg. We can repeat this exercise several times.

Side jumps

It sounds easy, but it is not. We will place ourselves on one side of the pool with our legs straight, we jump to the right then we do it to the other side. We can do several jumps in a row and rest, then repeat the series of jumps again. It is always better if the legs are joined.

This exercise allows you to strengthen your legs, reduce fat and weight, and be much more fortified in general. It also reduces anxiety and provides well-being.

Go up and down the ladder

The ideal is to jump, swim and move a lot in the water. But although it seems silly, we can also exercise with the stairs, because going up and down is like doing it without water and this is very tiring.

You move your whole body globally, especially your legs. We must do this several times, and the important thing is also to push ourselves with the strength of the arms to work this area as well.

Play with the ball

From water polo to passing the ball. There are certain games in the water that amuse and distract us and that, without realizing it, allow us to do intense exercise.

So playing ball with your loved ones in the pool is great for your legs, arms and trunk. It is within the exercises you should do in the pool to lose weight because it also allows you to get tired and sleep better at night.


  • The water exercises must be combined with others that we can do in our complete routine.
  • Continue with this sport daily, if we do only when we go to the pool and it is one day a week it will not do much.
  • Also practice it on the beach where you can also do many more exercises.

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