World Wellness Day 2021! How to turn your house into the universe of happiness


This June 12th the Global Wellness Day is celebrated o World Wellness Day 2021, a day to think about what suits us best and gives us total relaxation. Our home is the right place for it, but how to turn your home into the universe of happiness. We give you the signs for it.

Did you know that for 96% of Spaniards, well-being at home is a fundamental factor in their day-to-day life? Well 6 out of 10 people admit that there is a direct relationship between having a clean and tidy house and having a good day.

These data are extracted from the study ‘Radiography of happiness in Spanish homes’ prepared by Thermomix® and Kobold. How to make our home lead us to happiness?

Practice cleanfulness

According to Kobold, there is an important movement called cleanfulness that is based on achieving our well-being thanks to cleaning. If we see the house neat and clean, then we feel better and our mood improves.


On world welfare day 2021, it is time to make a reform or a change. Sometimes, with a new piece of furniture or a lamp that brightens a room more, it is enough for your house to be something different and you feel good in it. So personalize and you will grow, you will then see how you will make your house yours, according to your imprint and you will love it.


Another tip from Kobold to find a home with greater well-being is to bet on sustainability. Ecology gives us comfort, since it is directly committed to natural materials such as wood or stone. And the house breathes peace. The same with the textiles that are better than ecological. You will see how super relaxing!


Every morning you have to air the house. Only a few minutes are enough for the air to be renewed because many times the house catches bad odors and it is for this purpose. Good habits at home mean that the rooms must be aired every day.

Pleasant smells

Linked to the above, Kobold proposes to relax the house with pleasant and relaxing smells that evoke peace and warmth. For this there are many options, from candles, essential oils or air fresheners with your favorite fragrance.

Always plants

To turn your house into the universe of happiness, nothing better than decorating with plants, both indoors and out. This allows us to be more cheerful and optimistic and also allows us to purify the air. Do not forget to take care of them.

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