World Kidney Cancer Day 2021, the prevalence of this disease


This June 17th the World Kidney Cancer Day 2021, a journey to make this type of cancer more visible and to know the prevalence of this disease. Let’s see what it consists of, its symptoms and the news on this day dedicated to it.

According to the ALCER National Federation, a kidney cancer diagnosis it can have a great impact on patients’ lives, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or even depressed.

The 2018 Global Patient Survey from the International Kidney Cancer Coalition reported that 96 percent of those surveyed experienced psychosocial problems, including anxiety and fear; and that approximately half do not talk about their problems or with their family, or with their friends, or with their health team.

Therefore, on this day, it is intended to raise awareness and address these problems. Without going any further, this year’s campaign: “We need to talk about how we feel”, makes the IKCC and more than 40 affiliated organizations around the world encourage kidney cancer patients to create their own Personalized Psychosocial Well-Being Report by answering a short nine-question questionnaire, available in 14 languages.

What are the causes of kidney cancer?

The AECC mentions that the exact factors that determine the appearance of kidney cancer are unknown, in the same way as other similar diseases, although various studies identify some circumstances that may increase the risk of suffering from it.

  • Sex: Men have a higher risk of kidney cancer than women.
  • Smoking is associated with a two times higher risk of kidney cancer.
  • Chronic use of certain painkillers is also associated with an increased risk.
  • Obesity is also a risk factor.
  • Exposure to cadmium and asbestos.
  • Some rare genetic diseases also predispose to kidney cancer.

Preferred symptoms

Although in the first stage there are no symptoms, later they may appear:

  • Blood in the urine (bloody urine).
  • Appearance of a lump in the abdomen.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Weight loss, poor appetite, general tiredness.

Psychosocial problems

On World Kidney Cancer Day 2021, the various associations highlight the importance in the patient’s quality of life during and after treatment.

Taking into account the increased isolation that many kidney cancer patients have experienced during confinement, the loss of social support, the limited access to health services, the increase in economic stress is increasing.

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