With these tricks you will prevent clothes from deteriorating


It is normal that due to the passage of time or leaving it in poor condition, the clothes deteriorate. But then it can last much less and we can dispose of it, without giving it new uses, or being able to sell it. That is why we give you these tricks to prevent clothing from spoiling.

And there are certain habits that we do not do correctly and it is better to become aware of them.

Wash before storing

Some people believe that clothes, if they have not been worn much or there are no stains, can be saved for the next season in the closet or drawer. And this is not entirely true, because then catches unwanted odors and especially when important care is taken.

It is best to wash all the clothes that we have used, even once, before storing them for a long time. It is a way to be careful with the garment.

Separate when you do the laundry

Another mistake is mixing white, black and different colored garments. Well, surely you have seen how they fade or a white t-shirt stays in color at once. So it is better to separate and make a washing machine with colored clothes and others with white-toned clothes.

Cold wash

You must pay attention to the labels of the garments when washing them. Well, there are clothes that must be washed cold and others at much higher degrees, otherwise the clothes are damaged and this is a really unnecessary gesture. It is established that if we wash certain clothes at about 30 degrees Instead of a few degrees higher, then it will last longer and save energy at home in the process.

What to do with delicate garments?

There are certain clothes that it is better not to leave in the washing machine. Well, it is made with delicate clothing, be it silk, angora or certain types of wool. Once again it is interesting to know what the labels say and do not make the mistake of putting it in the washing machine, because then there are surprises such as some garments shrinking, among others.

One of the solutions is to wash delicate garments by hand, we know that it is very lazy, but it is the best way to protect and ensure that the garment is better.

A specific detergent

We cannot use a general detergent for everything. Delicate clothes or clothes with a specific material deserve to be treated and cleaned with a specific detergent. There are them for delicate clothesa, which are perfect so that clothes do not deteriorate and can last us longer.

Do you touch iron?

In the same way that there are clothes that cannot be washed in the washing machine, there are also clothes that cannot be ironed. How trick is it place a clean cotton cloth on the garment and then iron over it.

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