With these foods you can fight hot summer nights


Each year, the hottest months mean that we do not sleep properly. High temperatures take over us and the heat can rise to 28 degrees at 24 at night. There are several solutions to refresh ourselves, but perhaps you did not know that there are foods with which you can fight the hot nights Of summer.

Vitamins, minerals and good nutrients, but less fat and salt so you can sleep much better. Don’t forget to hydrate during the day.

Discover the foods to sleep better in summer


It has potassium and it gives us energy. But this food gives us much more. Because both the magnesium as potassium they are muscle relaxants, while this food also contains L-tryptophan and awakens serotonin and melatonin. And this makes the cycles to be regulated to be able to sleep better.


They are fantastic foods for these dates and if we leave them in the fridge, much better. Because then we can take them cooler. Like other foods, cherries are rich in melatonin, so they regulate our sleep schedules.


Do you want to relax? Well, seeds are those super foods that go well for the amount of vitamins and minerals they provide. And it is also that they also relax us and induce sleep when we cannot sleep.

The freshest fruits

In summer we are lucky because there are some of the most refreshing fruits. This is the case of melon and watermelon, which contain a large amount of water, almost 93%. And they provide few calories, so they are perfect for dieting and keeping your weight down.


It is another highly refreshing food. And ideal to combat hot summer nights. We can also mix it with salad, pasta, grilled, with omelette, etc.


It is one of the healthiest foods, although many resist them. In case you don’t know they have a significant amount of water, as it is 92% water. With this we refresh ourselves and allow us to rest less at night. They are also very versatile because they can be eaten in different ways.


  • You have to hydrate properly in these months.
  • It is also vital to get wet either on the beach or in the pool.
  • To sleep better, you have to ventilate and if we do it several times a day it is always better.
  • Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables because they are healthy foods and have many properties to sleep better in the heat.

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