Will a third dose of the COVID19 vaccine be necessary?


Until now, Most of the vaccines recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) require one or two doses to achieve maximum effectiveness. However, the need to apply a third dose to immunosuppressed patients or patients with general health problems is already beginning to be considered.

Doses necessary for the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID19

Most COVID vaccines require two doses to reach an acceptable level of immunity, but the situation is not the same in people who are immunosuppressed, since they not only have a higher risk of contracting the disease, but also have a worse prognosis.

This theory is gaining strength every day, especially due to statements by some officials at BioNTech (a collaborating laboratory of Pfizer), who have indicated that most likely people who meet this profile require a third dose for peace of mind.

Who are considered immunosuppressed people?

Immunosuppressed people are those who have a significant suppression or reduction of their body’s immune response. This is a problem that appears as a result of other types of diseases or conditions and that can vary from one patient to another.

The immune system is in charge of dealing with all kinds of infectious and invading organisms. The body’s normal immune response is to attack the invader until it is eliminated or to expel it completely from the body.Covid vaccine

In the case of immunosuppressed patients, the system does not fulfill this function adequately, so they are more exposed and much more vulnerable to different types of diseases. This response can be given either by a medical treatment that suppresses the body’s response or by a specific disease.

People who usually have a compromised immune system are patients with cancer, HIV, rheumatic diseases, autoimmune diseases, organ transplantation. In the latter case, immunosuppression occurs because these patients must take medications that suppress the immune system so that the body does not reject the transplanted organ.

Are vaccines safe for immunosuppressed patients?

These vaccines are not only safe, but they are also extremely necessary so that they can have better defenses to face the disease. Many studies are still being done, but what is certain is that the immune response varies in these types of patients..

Even so, it seems a bit risky to ensure that a third dose is necessary, at least until more data is available on a larger population group. The benefit of the vaccine continues to be higher than that of not being vaccinated, despite doubts about the level of effectiveness in this type of patient. Do you know any immunosuppressed patients who have been vaccinated? What has been the response?

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