Will a new coronavirus lockdown be necessary?


The world is heading back to the old normal, to the known, but fears and doubts still arise about whether a new confinement will be necessary.

Tomás Pueyo, a Silicon Valley engineer of French origin and raised in Madrid, enjoys great popularity from an article he published in March 2020, where he urged governments and authorities to take stricter measures against the virus. In recent statements, he has highlighted that the possibilities of a new confinement, although unlikely, are linked to the speed of vaccination of the population around the world.

New confinement: will it be necessary?

According to Pueyo, the coronavirus pandemic is going out and the chances that a new lockdown will need to be imposed is decreasing, although, of course, it is an approach that will not be guaranteed one hundred percent.

Why is re-confinement unlikely? The answer lies in mass vaccination. Populations like New York, for example, already enjoy a high level and immunity, since the majority of the population has been vaccinated.

The faster the population is vaccinated and generates the necessary immunity, the less time for the virus to mutate. Therefore, the chances of a new confinement occurring, at least under the same conditions in 2020, are very low.

The only possible scenario for a new confinement to occur is that a much more powerful mutation is generated, strong and deadly than the current ones, which would lead to a process of new confinement. However, as explained above, while the vaccination process continues massively and at an accelerated pace, this scenario loses strength.

Recognized vaccines

It is also essential that the population be vaccinated with vaccines whose effectiveness has been well demonstrated. So, the best recommendation is to use only the options that are currently recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The poorest countries are the most vulnerableIn this sense, since in addition to being vaccinated at a considerably lower rate, on many occasions they are using vaccines whose effectiveness has not yet been demonstrated.

The scenario of a new confinement is highly unlikely; however, it is essential that governments and other governmental entities continue with the strict vaccination protocol for the entire population. Similarly, it is necessary to help and promote the vaccination of the poorest and most vulnerable countries in order to eradicate or at least minimize this virus. And you, do you think there could be a new confinement?

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