Why do pimples appear in the vagina and how to treat them?


Vaginal pimples are not usually serious, but they do cause discomfort and discomfort. The female genital area is extremely sensitive, and a small pimple is intensely felt. Pimples are lesions on the skin of the vagina caused by different causes. Sometimes they arise as a consequence of habits, others may be due to more complex problems.

We will analyze the most frequent causes of vaginal pimples

Contact skin inflammations

Using bubbles or scented soaps can lead to vaginal pimples. Also tampons and sanitary pads. Contact with condoms, spermicides, and lubricants for sexual use often irritate the skin in the genital area. Indirectly, the soap and fabric softener used in the washing machine, which leaves residues on the clothes, can also cause them.

Lack of hygiene

The poor hygiene and perspiration perspiration, urine, vaginal discharge and semen, are factors that cause vaginal pimples.

Alterations in pubic hair

The genital area is covered with hairs that protect it, and the follicles through which the hair grows, can become clogged by sebaceous secretions. They can also be infected by bacteria. In these cases, the hairs roll towards the skin and cause irritation. This is how pimples appear.

Hair removal

Hair removal is another common cause of vaginal pimples. Whichever method is used, hair removal often causes irritation and changes in the hair follicle. Some hairs grow buried under the skin, creating a painful lump that becomes inflamed and infected, sometimes generating pus.Vaginal pimples

Chronic sweat gland disease

Less frequent but more worrisome because they are due to glandular problems, are pimples caused by hidradenitis suppurativa. It is a condition known as ‘acne inverse’. The sweat glands become infected and form pimples all over the body, including the vaginal area. The cause of this disease is not well understood, and it is treated to relieve discomfort. There is no cure, so it is categorized as ‘chronic’.

Viral infection of ‘molluscum contagiosum’

As the name implies, It is a virus that lodges in the skin and causes dermatological infections. It is not a condition that occurs exclusively in the vagina, but it can cause pimples in that area.

What to do when vaginal pimples appear?

The first advice is not to squeeze or press them. By doing so, the bacteria spread and can lead to other infections. Therefore, they do not have to be burst or punctured. They will surely break on their own.

There are external use medications that can relieve the discomfort of pimples caused by contact dermatitis. And, of course, it is essential to eliminate those factors that cause them.

Vaginal pimples can be prevented. Avoid tight underwear and contact with scented soaps and bubbles.

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