Why do my hands itch and how to avoid it?


Itchy hands is a common thing that those diseases related mainly to the skin, but eventually to other organs, reveal to us. Therefore, it is convenient and advisable to pay attention to why my hands itch and to know each one of the details of such annoyances, in order to distinguish it, diagnose it, and act on it.

Its most recurrent justification is the presence of some kind of dermatitis or eczema of the skin, such as contact dermatitis, eczema itself or, why not, the appearance of fungus between the fingers, or even cases of pustular psoriasis.

What are the causes of itchy hands?

As is clear, this redness of the epidermis, which is often accompanied by intense itching, may be related to viruses or bacteria, or be generated as a direct consequence of interaction with some external substance, especially if we suffer from allergies to them.

Beyond that initial differentiation between internal and external triggers of itchy hands, there is a coincidence that certain times of the year we are more predisposed to suffer episodes like these.

This is because the eczema it is more frequent in the autumn and summer seasons.

Special mention should be made of the aforementioned pustular psoriasis, a form of presentation of psoriasis that causes vesicles to appear on the hands, which contain a fluid with a color similar to pus. On certain occasions, scales can be seen on the surface.

Remedies to remove this itchy hands

In order to avoid itchy hands, the main thing is to have an exact notion of what causes these manifestations. Otherwise, any treatment without being seen by the general practitioner or the specialist could turn into a real nightmare, increasing the problem even more.

Tips to avoid and reduce this problem

  • Moisturize your hands regularly if you have dry skin
  • Avoid all those materials that generate irritation
  • Do not wear rubber gloves or expose them to water for long periods of time
  • Do not abuse the friction with some products if we work especially in professions such as construction, agriculture and gardening

As we say, if this problem is frequent, the dermatologist will give us the treatments for it such as medications or creams indicated against eczema or other problems related to the skin.

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