Why do my hands go to sleep? The best exercises to remedy it


Sometimes it happens that your hands go to sleep and you don’t really know why. Well, there are different causes, depending on whether we are in bad posture or for other reasons. Throughout the following article we will try to answer some basic questions such as, for example, hands sleep and how to avoid it.

At the end, you will be in a position to understand some of the explanations behind these phenomena, and always turn to an expert in the field.

What are the causes of hands falling asleep?

As with itchy hands or numbness in the feet, some patients experience another uncomfortable sensation, to the extent that their hands fall asleep for no apparent reason.

This numbness can be due to different causes such as pressure on the spinal nerves or peripheral nerves, although the low levels of certain essential nutrients, such as calcium, potassium and sodium, or the lack of vitamins B1, B6, or B12. Exceptionally, the hands can fall asleep due to a congenital disease, from bites or animal bites, etc.

Assuming that a doctor has already been consulted about it, and he has not found the triggers of numbness in the hands, several home remedies could be:

  • Immerse your hands in cold water, moving them: at least for a few minutes, until it passes
  • Massages in the area: massage your hands between them, ask someone to do it for you or take advantage of some of the products that have been created for this purpose
  • Prioritize the intake of foods rich in iron: the lack of this nutrient is associated with numbness in the hands, so include lentils and beets in your diet
  • A homemade preparation of peppers: due to their anti-inflammatory properties, a homemade preparation of hot peppers, a dozen red chili peppers heated over high heat, crushed and applied with a cloth, can be an excellent option to “revive” your hands.
  • Abandon bad habits: the absence of physical exercise, smoking tobacco regularly, eating too much fat and flour, are terrible habits of life that lay the foundations on which these ailments and disorders originate.
  • Avoid sitting or standing: always in the same position for this you have to move and do certain movements and exercises with your hands.

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