WHO warns Europe not to let its guard down by lowering its restrictions


Europe is advancing with the Covid-19 vaccination, but this does not mean that it is out of danger. This is established by the WHO that alerts Europe that don’t let your guard down by reducing its restrictions in summer.

This could bring new waves of the disease to come after the summer, just as it did last year. The body asks Europe to be cautious in the face of a easing of restrictions, opening of borders and tourism between countries, which can lead to an increase in infections unnecessarily.

For this reason, the WHO insists that Europe is not “out of danger” even if infections are declining. The WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, spoke about it and recalled that last year, after the summer, there was an increase in cases, and this was also, in part, because many measures are softened.

Thus, he has commented that in summer there can be an increase in social gatherings and gatherings, festivals, events, sporting tournaments … so he asks again for caution and that Europe does not lower its guard.

What does the WHO recommend so that Europe does not lower its guard?

As on other occasions, the body issues various recommendations, especially now in summer where it is more likely that we forget some of the established measures and standards because are being reduced in a large part of the countries.

Specifically, Hans Kluge has advised tourists to travel responsibly, also to frequent hand washing that we already know, to continue to maintain the safety distance, do not remove masks, be in open spaces and outdoors, and also avoid environments where there are many people.

According to the agencies, these tips are given to avoid possible spikes in infections now and in the coming months, although a large part of the population is vaccinated.

The WHO expert gives more signs because all these measures must be complied with despite the fact that cases can be reduced, since only in this way is it possible to retain the virus that becomes more active at other times of the year (although it does not disappear) and that is fortified by the different variants. Kluge thus calls for the adoption of public health and vaccination measures, all together. Because, according to him, this is one of the exits to the pandemic.


Let us also remember that scientists are concerned about the variants, since the Delta (formerly India) already it can be massive in different countries, such as Spain, in a few weeks and this means having less protection and greater transmission even if we are vaccinated.

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