Which countries suffer the least from pandemic fatigue?


We have talked during this time about different concepts related to Covid-19. And the pandemic fatigue It seems like it’s going to stay with us for a long time. Contrary to what it seemed, and according to an Ipsos survey, Spain and Italy are those countries that suffer the least from this problem.

In the May wave, it is observed how the majority of citizens are resuming their social life and they spend more and more time outside their homes, despite this, we also find the feeling of monotony that we have been dragging for a long time.

Illusion Vs Pandemic Fatigue

62% of those interviewed say they have things planned that make them excited, but 64% say that most days they feel the same, within this pandemic fatigue that seems to be spending time with us.

The most excited population in Spain and Italy

Although we have lived through very hard times, countries like Italy and Spain reflect where the most of its population feels more excited (78% and 75% respectively) than with a feeling of monotony (59% and 57% respectively).

Spain is the third European country that most believes that we will have another wave of Covid (59%), only behind the United Kingdom (77%) and France (67%).

Still afraid of contagion

In general there is still caution and fear of contagion. Well, this feeling of fatigue comes precisely because of the risk of contagion that still persists on certain daily activities and entertainment.

Anyway, there are positive things, because, in a month, from April 25 to May 25, the risk has dropped in activities such as going on vacation, going from 30% to 20% (-10 points).

As the perception of the risk of travel decreases, the comfort level when searching and booking leisure trips increases. Spain (12%) after the United Kingdom (14%), is the second European country that declares that it is already booking its holidays.

While 14% of Spaniards who claim to be planning and looking at options for their vacations. From among the various countries of Europe, The United Kingdom is the one with the highest percentage of the population planning their holidays (19%), in contrast to Italy (12%), where fewer citizens admit that they are looking at possibilities for their vacations.

Despite the fact that the return to the bars is increasingly crowded, the food delivery option remains one of the most chosen. In fact, Spain leads the European ranking where more food delivery orders are made, with 60% of Spaniards choosing this option.

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