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The Community of Madrid makes a self-appointment available to citizens to carry out a free antigen test of the Covid-19. Asymptomatic cases are still important among the population, so it is important to continue doing this type of test for the early detection of the disease. Where it is done and how.

It is going to be done in the Plaza de Castilla interchange. Through the Sumamos Plan, the Ministry of Health will make the antigen tests available to the HM Hospitales Group, the CEOE Foundation and the Confederación de Empresarios Madrileños –CEIM-, which will offer teams of health professionals to carry out the tests without compensation.

According to the website of the Community of Madrid, to carry them out, it will be necessary to make a prior appointment at

In this link, a diagnostic test and the center will be requested, which appear as the only choice in the system. Then must select day and time to request this appointment, which will be given from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

For this, whoever wants to take this free antigen test must provide their name, surname, ID or passport and mobile phone number.

Then, they will receive an email or an SMS confirming the details of their appointment and thus one can go to the Plaza de Castilla interchange in Madrid.

Why in an exchanger?

According to the Community of Madrid, interchanges are essential elements in the Community transport system and they are strategically located at the entrances to the capital, where the high-capacity radial roads converge and through which the lines of the interurban bus network access and have, in most cases, their head-end.

That is why the General Directorate of Public Health has considered them an ideal place to carry out antigen detection tests to citizens who request it.

Let us remember that the Community of Madrid activated the antigen test device in a new basic health area in April to track the transmission of Covid-19. This is a measure that the General Directorate of Public Health considers necessary to contain the spread of the virus.

Since these population mechanisms began, more than 955,565 tests have been carried out and more than 3,293,754 citizens have been summoned, of which 5,064 have been positive.

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