When will the outdoor mask not be needed in each community?


Although it is something that the Government is studying, it is not yet known when we will be able to get rid of the mask abroad. Some regions have already spoken, and although it is not certain because we will see it shortly, we can get a little idea of ​​when the outdoor mask in each community.

As is happening with others related to Covid, the communities do not agree, because while some see the summer to take off our mask others think it is still early.

According to agencies, there are already 18,426,204 people vaccinated with the first dose, 38.8% of the population, and 9,679,187 have already completed the vaccination schedule. This is why, after these advances in vaccination, the CCAA are thinking about whether to put an end to the outdoor mask.

Madrid’s community

President Isabel Díaz Ayuso believes the end of the mask in open spaces is feasible, but “with prudence.” What is wanted is that there are more and more people vaccinated to take this important step.


For his part, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo believes that the outdoor mask will not be present in those parts of the community where there is a good epidemiological situation.

Balearic Islands

In this community they also believe that the outdoor mask may soon disappear, but it is always prudent, so those responsible see it if the situation is favorable like now.

Valencian Community

President Ximo Puig pronounces that the pandemic is not over but he already sees progress on this issue and believes that the outdoor mask can be removed sooner rather than later.

Murcia region

The executive also thinks that it could be the summer when the mask can be removed but believes that all the Autonomous Communities should do it at the same time.

Castile and Leon

It is also committed to making a decision at the national level.


Those responsible explain that this issue has not yet been raised but they do not rule it out if the epidemiological situation is good.


In this case, this idea is not yet considered because the mask protects.


They also wait to know how the pandemic will evolve to make decisions.

Basque Country

They believe it is early to talk about suspending masks outdoors.


They are not clear about it either, but they do believe that the decision should be made at the national level.


Nor does he give a clear answer about it.

From Health they comment that this decision must be made by the experts of the Public Health Commission, although the CCAA have already ruled on the matter about when the outdoor mask in each community.

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