when bad weather affects well-being


Climate affects the well-being of most people, and this is a sign that the body functions normally and is able to adapt to its environment. But in many cases, the natural ability to adapt is reduced, and climate change affects well-being and health.

What is meteorological dependence

According to the doctors, meteorological dependence or climate dependence is not in itself a disease, but its effects affect well-being and also health. There is evidence that this dependence increases the symptoms of existing diseases.

Recent studies have shown that cold and cloudy weather can cause a bad moodas well as health problems: angina attacks, strokes, and heart attacks. But this is not only due to the manifestation of the symptoms of depression, but also to an increase in the viscosity of the blood.

According to statistics, about 30% of people in the world are weather dependent, to a moderate or severe degree.

Degrees of meteorological dependence

There are three degrees of meteorological dependence, depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced:

  • Mild, which is only manifested by subjective discomfort.
  • Half, which produces clear symptoms, such as alterations in body temperature, alterations in heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  • Serious, which is manifested by serious disorders, according to age, health status and the presence of chronic diseases.Bad weather

Symptoms of climate dependence and how to alleviate them

The symptoms that are related to climate dependence are very extensive and variable, but some scientists suggest that One of the causes of pain is sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

Changes in pressure too cause imbalances in body chemicals, such as serotonin, affecting mood and sleep, and dilate blood vessels, frequently causing headaches or migraines.

Well-being is highly dependent on sunlight, that’s why Going for a walk and getting fresh air is recommended to relieve symptoms.

It is also important to note that climate sensitivity is aggravated when the natural ability to adapt is reduced, and this is more common in people who rarely leave the house and are constantly kept at a comfortable temperature, with the help of heating.

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