What should the body temperature be?


According to experts, body temperature Normal body temperature is usually 37 degrees Celsius. Disorders in the form of hypothermia or fever can put our health between a rock and a hard place. We explain what they consist of.

Although there is talk of 37 degrees Celsius on averageSome studies consider body temperatures ranging from 36.1 to 37.2 degrees normal. Some people can even do very well at lower temperatures: 35.8 degrees. At this laxity, it should also be noted that we do not maintain the same temperature 24 hours a day.

When we wake up, we have a lower body temperature after resting or sleeping for a few hours. During the rest of the day, that temperature rises, reaching its peak at night. Metabolisms aside, certain situations can cause that temperature to rise or fall, putting our health at risk. Let us know what they are.


When the body loses heat too quickly, it can cause a drop in body temperature. More or less below 35 degrees centigrade. Hypothermia occurs after exposure to cold climates or environments.

Also to the cold water immersion, something to watch out for after the first baths in the pool or on the beach.

Basically the symptoms are chills, stammering when speaking, slow, shallow breathing, weak pulse, drowsiness and loss of consciousness. If the normal temperature is not recovered, the consequences could be fatal for the person.

In these cases, all kinds of methods are used to warm up the body. Such as covering the person with dry wool, silk, or polypropylene blankets or giving hot beverages to drink.


By fever is understood an increase in body temperature in response to some disease or inflammatory process. So we would be talking about when there is no normal temperature.

A flu or a acute catarrh can make us fever. Fever – above 37.2 degrees Celsius in the morning or 37.7 degrees in the afternoon – indicates that our defenses are standing up to those germs or pathogens.

Treatment usually consists of taking antipyretics (paracetamol or ibuprofen), always under medical prescription. Others home remedies They include lukewarm baths, drinking enough fluids, or applying a cold compress or cloth to the forehead.

If the temperature rises more, then you have to go to the doctor, it may be that it goes down with some treatment but it is not considered normal to be days with fevers above 38 degrees.

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