What is your life purpose and how do you find it?


The purpose of life is an axis that gives meaning to your existence, that makes you feel full. It is something like your life path, a mission that when you discover it and follow it, gives you happiness and well-being. It makes you feel deeply satisfied with how you live, with what you do, with that path you have chosen. This objective makes you vibrate and encourages you to enjoy each task you do, each experience, in the successes and in the mistakes.

All facets of the person are integrated into the purpose of life. It becomes an axis that maintains the essence of why and what you live for, that gives meaning to the whole in which you move every day.

How to find your life purpose?

To find your life purpose you have to spend a few moments reflecting and analyzing yourself. The education that people receive during childhood conditions them so much that they fail to discover themselves as they are, with their potentialities and weaknesses.

They are convinced that what they have been told they should be and do is their way to go. But it often happens that this is not the case. Walking

Practical tips

We present some tips for you to find the true purpose of your life.

  • Reflect on the values ​​that are important to you

Values ​​are those guides that determine your way of acting in life. Honesty, kindness, solidarity, justice, friendship, ecology, wealth, are some. Think about the outstanding values ​​in your life.

  • How do you want to be remembered when you are dead?

Think about what would you like them to say about you and in what footprint you will have left on others and on your environment. In this reflection you will have very useful data to discover your true life objective.

  • What gives you satisfaction, what do you like to do?

Imagine you have to choose two or three tasks or activities that you frequently do. Which would you choose? A life purpose contains well-being, and therefore, discovering what makes you happy contributes to recognizing it.

  • What dreams did you have as a child that you still have in mind?

On the way of life we ​​leave things pending to develop others. It is possible that, in those projects without living, is the purpose of your life.

The balance in your life purpose

It is essential to keep in mind that life is balance. The physical, the family and the work, the social must be considered in your life purpose. All of these faces must be integrated, and your life purpose must keep them in balance.

Keep in mind that your life purpose may not be in accordance with what others expect of you. But it’s your life, so go ahead with your projects.

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