What is the impact of the pandemic on the Spanish lifestyle?


It is clear that there are things that have changed since the covid-19 came to visit us there at the beginning of 2020. But how has the impact of the pandemic in the lifestyle of the Spanish? We analyzed it according to a study.

A Unilever report, prepared on the Ipsos Digital platform, concludes that 35% of Spaniards consider that both their mental and physical well-being have worsened after the pandemic.

More conscientious when making the purchase

There is more information that interests us because some things have also changed when making the purchase. The report shows that up to 27% of consumers affirms that his interest in brands that take care of people’s health has increased.

In addition, and when making the purchase, a 22% are now looking for more brands with social commitment and for the community and 20% assure that they are now opting more for brands with biodegradable packaging.

Respondents were also asked about their interest in vegan products, and in this regard, 6% claim to have increased their consumption.

Have we eaten better or worse?

Health is preferred over health and therefore 30% of those surveyed consider that they eat better than before the pandemic, compared to 55% who do not show changes in their habits; and 15%, who claim to eat worse. This is why the impact of the pandemic is important.

Changes and sedentary lifestyle

62% of those surveyed say that their life is more sedentary today than before the pandemic, while 27% consider that it remains at the same levels.

In addition, 61% consider it stands out that their mental well-being has been reduced. In the case of physical well-being, un 51% of those surveyed consider it to be worse than before the pandemic. Only 15% consider that both their physical and mental state have improved.


Ana Palencia, Director of Communication and Sustainability at Unilever Spain, comments that it is important to focus the way out of the pandemic by putting people and the planet at the center.

As well as conclusions we see how the Spaniards are suffering the consequences of the situation experienced During last year. And this is especially noticeable in your mental and physical well-being.

The growing interest in products and brands that have a positive impact on their environment, taking into account that today the consumer is much more sensitive to environmental and health-related aspects.

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