What is the area of ​​Spain totally immune to Covid?


Although he still has a few days left, the island of La Graciosa, in the Canary Islands, will shortly be the area of ​​Spain totally immune to Covid. An important milestone that takes place thanks to vaccination. Why did you get immunity?

It will be on July 4 when this island will reach 100% immunity against Covid because it will already have all its inhabitants over 16 years vaccinated. And on July 4 when everyone will have the complete guideline.

Under 30, too

It is, at the moment, the only area that is vaccinating those under 30 years of age, since at the moment all those older than that age have already been vaccinated with the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. And these days the Ministry of Health gave the green light for so did young people between 16 and 30 years old, who already have the first dose of the vaccine.

In this way, only those under 16 years of age are what, for now, will not be vaccinated until it is authorized by the central government, which is studying this possibility before school starts again in September.

100% immune zone

This fact is really important, since then the Canary Island is going to become the only 100% immune zone and therefore a Covid-19 free destination.

For these reasons, the president of the Cabildo, Dolores Corujo, has been happy and believes that it is another step for the island’s inhabitants. And not just for them, too for other inhabitants of the Canary Islands, like Lanzarote, which, due to proximity, usually go to the island many times.

With this step, they believe that the economic recovery of the island is already a fact to be able to advance much more. So those who want to go to the island for tourism will see it as a totally safe destination.

750 people on the island

The reason that La Graciosa is the area of ​​Spain totally immune to Covid is obviously because it has a small population and they have been able to vaccinate quickly.

Thus, just over 750 people live on this island in 29 km2. Although, being close to other Canary Islands, it is in summer when the population can be tripled. Now they will be calmer and safer because as almost everyone is vaccinated they get rid of possible infections.

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