What is sweet death? The way Tomás Gimeno could have died


After finding two oxygen bottles at the bottom of the sea in the search to find Ana and Tomás Gimeno, in the case of the girls of Tenerife that has shocked everyone, it could indicate that the father of the girls would have committed suicide through the method of the sweet dead. What is this way of dying?

It has this name because those who die do not feel pain or anything violent, it is simply like a kind of lethargy that makes them fall asleep and die. But we must be careful because, by accident, some of these deaths occur each year.

On what basis and what are the characteristics of the sweet death?

It takes place, in general, when there is poisoning from the inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO), which being toxic causes people to inhale it and fall asleep to death.

Symptoms of CO inhalation

This is how people have died from accidents with CO at home. Some of the symptoms that occur are dizziness, tiredness, headache, vomiting, and shortness of breath. All this happens because the gas enters the lungs, causes gradual numbness, with loss of consciousness and even, if not arrived in time, cardiac arrest.

Easier than you think

This can happen at home, for example, when it is not premeditated, in this case being something different from what Tomás Gimeno has done. It happens when there is a bad combustion of an appliance, or due to bad ventilation of the environment.

It can also happen when an appliance that burns and then generate CO combustion and cause death by poisoning. For this reason, we must be careful when leaving electrical appliances plugged in at night, especially when we cannot control them.

This also happens with certain stoves in winter, so the ideal is always to ventilate, lower the temperature, ccontrol each device and turn it off when we go to sleep because anyone can have an oversight and we would not realize it when we are sleeping.

This also happens when we leave the car plugged in for a long time without opening the windows. It may be that we fall asleep at night and then never wake up again.

Thus, it is believed that these butane bottles are the ones that Tomás Gimeno used to go down to the sea and not have a violent death, that is, without suffering.

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