What is somniphobia or fear of sleep and how to overcome it?


Although most people have a strong desire to sleep in order to rest better, there are those who do not see it in the same way. There is somniphobia or fear of sleeping, It is something rare, but it can happen and for this we tell you what it is and how to overcome it.

This disorder happens to people who believe that something can happen to them during sleep, such as dying, losing control or something happen that is not in their hands because at that moment they are sleeping.

Causes of somniphobia

This phobia arises from the experience of some people having nightmares while sleeping and having a bad time, although this goes further. Sometimes there is no apparent cause and it happens for what reason.

What are the symptoms of fear of sleep?

In general, the same symptoms occur as many other phobias because all this is led by a irrational fear to certain things and situations such as this case.

So they don’t want to fall asleep, they have sweating, palpitations, anxiety, nightmares, they are out of breath, etc.

How can it be overcome?

This syndrome is somewhat complicated because, those who suffer from it, do not want to sleep, and this causes significant insomnia problems that lead to suffering during the day. Thus it comes to condition the physical and mental life of those who suffer from it.

For this reason, it is advisable to go to see the specialist and undergo treatment to direct life. Because it can be overcome, but it takes willpower and wanting to heal.

One of the therapies is based on facing it daily to advance in this fear and overcome itLittle by little, because they will see that it is not so bad and that there is no fear because nothing bad happens.

For all this, the meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, positive thoughts … there are some professionals who combine all this with medication to treat anxiety episodes.

Although the best is establish some routines to be able to sleep every day an hour and so the body gets used to it. Do sports, have healthy habits, etc. It makes us lose the fear of sleeping every time and this important habit becomes something really good because we need it for our mind and also to be well rested during the day to be able to perform adequately.

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