What is canary seed milk for? Benefits and Contraindications


Canary seed milk is a healthy dairy, with multiple health benefits. High blood level can be balanced with this milk, as can bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It is a safe product for lowering blood glucose and an aid to the cardiovascular system. Its flavor is exquisite and its components make it very healthy for people. Enriched with canary seed powder without silica, cinnamon and anise powder. It is effective in burning excess body fat, is an antioxidant, beneficial for kidney and bladder disorders, and helps fight urinary infections. Although its excessive consumption may have contraindications such as digestive disorders.

Nutritional properties of canary seed milk

Canary seed milk contains nutrients that can improve the quality of a diet. Although the seeds are known as bird food, they currently occupy an important place in the human diet.

With all that, some people take it frequently as it helps keep them feeling full longer.

According to information published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemisky, canary seed (Phalaris canariensis L) is composed of 61% starch, 20% protein, 8% crude fat, and 7% total fiber.

Among other cereals such as oats, barley, wheat and rye; canary seed is richer in protein. Also provides nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and folic acid.

The benefits of canary seed milk are still under investigation, therefore there are still no accurate statements. The investigations carried out so far have been able to determine that this drink with its ingredients is beneficial for health.

Like any other food, this vegetable milk may have contraindications for people with kidney failure or kidney and urinary tract problems. In these cases, the doctor should be consulted before consumption.Birdseed

How do you make canary seed milk?

Canary seed milk is one of the lowest calorie vegetable drinks out there. In addition, it can be the ideal supplement to maintain healthy weight and promote health.

To prepare it, the following ingredients will be needed: 6 tablespoons of birdseed seeds and 4 cups of water. Procedure: place the seeds in a container with a cup of water. Let them soak overnight.

The next morning strain the seeds and take them to a blender with the rest of the water and blend them at high speed. The drink will turn a pale beige color, pass the preparation through a cheesecloth and throw away the remains. And it will be ready to drink, the most convenient 2 to 3 times a day.

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