What impact does a third dose of AstraZeneca have?


During these days, people are talking about whether to inoculate a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccines. It was Pfizer who established it first and now a study has come to conclusions about what impact a third dose of AstraZeneca.

And apparently the result is positive. The Oxford University study revealed that this third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine would cause a better immune response. And this also in an interval of the second puncture of up to 45 weeks or after the third.

In the test carried out by this university it was shown that, after these days, the antibodies were four times higher than with a distance of 12 weeks. So if the dosing interval is longer, the immunity is even stronger.

And if the dose is administered 6 months later after receiving the second dose, and we would already talk about the third dose, this vaccine multiplies the antibody levels by six and maintains the T-cell response.

Regarding the variants that currently exist in the world, it is also concluded that further neutralizes the Alpha, Beta and Delta variants.

The study experts are happy with such results because they believe that this reassures, to a large extent, those countries that are currently receiving fewer doses of vaccines. Well, if it is delayed it is not harmful.

Although we have this study as a reference, at the moment, it is not known if this third dose will be given, but it has been proven that, if this is the case, due to the new variants, it is well tolerated and the immune response is also increased. .

Second doses for the Delta variant

This does not mean that inoculation has to be delayed, because with the Delta variant lurking, what governments are prioritizing are the first and especially the first. second doses of the vaccines so that protection against the variants be total and thus avoid its expansion in the world.

Less side effects

This Oxford study also found that the second and third doses of AstraZeneca cause fewer side effects than the first.

Good news then, if, really, this third booster dose is necessary, which is already pointed out by experts who, depending on the circumstances, maybe it should be put on after more than six months to further increase protection against coronavirus.

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