What if we eat yogurt every day?


Dairy is a staple food that we can all eat daily for the amount of benefits they offer. Nutritionists state that one a day is ideal, although we can take some more. But what if we eat yogurt every day?

Let’s see some reasons why yogurt can benefit our body.

Maintains our body weight

Normally it usually regulates the appetite because it provides various proteins. And this makes us less hungry because it leaves us satisfied and with less desire to snack. That is why it is recommended as an essential food in many diets to lose weight.

Improves intestinal transit

It is a favorable type of food that regulates intestinal transit, that is, it helps us to go to the bathroom frequently and daily. So we have no problems related to this issue.

They contain a lot of fiber and this, among others, helps our digestion improve. On the one hand, yogurts with bifidobacteria and whites, which carries lactobacillus and streptococcus, help improve bowel movements and the intestinal flora itself.

Low calories

Unlike other foods, yogurt has few calories, and they are also of high biological value, and this is another reason why they are usually recommended in all diets.

Amount of vitamins and minerals

What else happens if we eat yogurt every day? Which has a number of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus or magnesium, in addition to vitamin B12. A quantity of nutrients that are highly favorable to regulate our body in general.

Strengthens bones

Due to the high amount of calcium it contains, yogurt is essential to strengthen bones. For this reason it is intended for the whole family, and is good for the growth of children who need to develop their bone structure.

And at the same time it protects the elderly from bone contractures, because at a certain age they are weaker and need to be stronger. In addition, in postmenopausal and menopausal women it is good for improving calcium absorption.

With all this we see the amount of benefits of taking yogurt a day, so if you do not have it in your diet, it is already taking time. Of course, the ideal is for it to be a natural yogurt, if there is a lot of sugar then we should not overdo it. In the same way that we must read the labels well, and choose those that are low in fat and salt, and better that are not flavored because they have more artificial sweeteners.

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