What happens if we drink alcohol before or after the coronavirus vaccine?


Vaccination in Spain continues its good course and the country represents the second in the EU in number of vaccinated, after Italy. In these months there are many questions that the population has about vaccination, such as what happens if we drink alcohol before or after the coronavirus vaccine.

All these doubts arose because in Russia, Health recommended that the population not drink alcohol after receiving the Sputnik vaccine, but in other countries nothing has been said about it.

The MHRA (the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency) has ruled and specifies that there is no evidence that drinking alcohol interferes with the effectiveness of vaccines against covid-19.

When in doubt, it is better not to drink alcohol

Although there are still no studies that make it clear whether or not alcohol interferes with the efficacy of such vaccines, health professionals advise that it is better not to drink alcohol for a health reason, being a general recommendation.

Professionals do determine that if we drink small amounts of alcoholIn principle, this would not interfere with our immune response. Now if you are a regular drinker, there are more chances of getting sick if you catch Covid-19, for example.

Speaking to the New York Times, Ilhem Messaoudi, director of the University of California Center for Virus Research, commented that, if one is a moderate drinker, there is no risk of having a drink at the time of the vaccine. While he made it clear that you have to be very aware of what it really means to drink in moderation. It is dangerous to drink large amounts of alcohol because the effects on all biological systems, including the immune system, are quite severe.

In all this we must also remember that the adverse effects of vaccines against Covid-19, in general, are discomfort, fever, headache, or muscle aches, signs that resemble those of a hangover, so if we take alcohol before or after the coronavirus vaccine, such symptoms may be aggravated, although there is no scientific basis, but it would not help to feel better.

We can all wait a few days to celebrate being vaccinated without having to use alcohol immediately. Here the important thing is not to pass you on any of the occasions because professing a healthy lifestyle we will feel better regardless of whether we have been vaccinated or not.

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