What bacteria are good for humans and what is their use?


Probiotics are made up of live bacteria and / or yeasts that live naturally in the body and help keep it healthy and functioning well. Although bacteria are always seen as something bad that makes you sick, this is not always the case, since our body contains both good and bad bacteria. When an infection occurs, it is because there are more bad bacteria that throw the system out of balance. While the good bacteria collaborate to eliminate the excess of bad bacteria, to achieve the balance. Through probiotic supplements, good bacteria can be added to the body.

What role do bacteria play in our body?

As we said, the body is made up of bacteria called good and bad bacteria. The main function of probiotics or good bacteria is to maintain a healthy balance in the body.

When the body gets sick one of the reasons is because bad bacteria invade the body in high numbers. This causes an imbalance in the body. When this happens, the good bacteria begin to act trying to fight the bad, and restore equality within the body and achieve better well-being.

Probiotics keep the body healthy by keeping the immune system high and controlling inflammation.

Balance in the body

Good bacteria can also help your body digest food, prevent bad bacteria from invading the body and making it sick.. Vitamins are created, they help protect the cells that line the intestine, to prevent bad bacteria that may have entered through food or drink from entering the blood. They also help break down and absorb medications.

This balance works naturally all the time within the bodyNo need to take supplements to make it happen, as good bacteria are a natural part of the body.Probiotics

Maintaining a balanced diet rich in fiber helps balance the amounts of probiotics.

There are billions of bacteria within the human intestines, which help digest food, produce vitamins, and perform other important functions. .

Can I drink or eat something to increase the good probiotics (germs) in my body?

To help increase the good probiotics in the body, it can be obtained through good diet, which includes foods, drinks like yogurt and pickles that contain a lot of good bacteria that benefit the body.

There are also fermented beverages such as kombucha, fermented tea, or kefir (fermented milk drink), which can add additional probiotics to a healthy diet.

In addition to an adequate diet, good bacteria can be added through over-the-counter dietary supplements. It is advisable to consult with your doctor, before starting to take any supplement.

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