What are the menstrual symptoms that the Covid vaccine could cause?


The adverse effects of vaccines are already known to all: pain in the arm area where we have received the puncture, fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, etc. but now some women experience menstrual symptoms that the vaccine might cause against Covid.

All this, although none of the available vaccines that we have against Covid includes symptoms that are related to the menstrual cycles of women in its technical sheet, there are many of them around the world who have noticed changes in the rule after inoculating the vaccine .

Irregular and heavier bleeding

What women who have these side effects in their menstruations have noticed, supposedly due to the vaccination, are more irregular periods, with irregular and abundant bleeding, absence of menstruation, pain during menstruation, etc. which in some women already happens, but perhaps not so intensely.

Without a scientific study to support it

These are the signs that women have left in a survey carried out by Laura Cámara, a specialist nurse in gynecology and obstetrics and sexologist, after receiving requests from women to whom this problem happened.

We must indicate that there is currently no scientific study that confirms all this, only the adverse effects seen above are typified and that they are in the leaflets of each of the vaccines and none of them collect secondary effects that are related to menstruation.

What do international organizations say?

On this issue, the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) does recognize that there are women who have reported this problem related to vaccines, but they explain that at the moment it happens to a small group of people.

In Britain, they are recording these cases and at the moment there are about 2,000 women vaccinated with Pfizer or Astrazeneca who claim to have such effects once they have been vaccinated. But in Spain it is not yet registered.

The nurse who is collecting the survey data, Laura Cámara, believes that if women experience changes in their menstrual cycle For the vaccine, even if they are mild, they should be registered in the same way that happens with other side effects such as arm pain or fever.

The issue is waiting to report many more cases and then begin to study it if the organizations find that it should be this way if the number of cases increases within those menstrual symptoms that the vaccine might cause

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