We discover the properties, benefits and characteristics of the summer fruit


Watermelon is one of the fruits of summer. A large amount of it (over 90% is water) so it is a perfect and nutritious food that is great for losing weight. This is how you know the properties, benefits and much more of summer fruit.

For more details, and according to CuteSolar, the harvest season for this fruit begins at the end of April and its production continues until the beginning of July.

During this period, the watermelons produced in the solar greenhouses of Southeast Europe in Spain dominate the continental markets and 8 out of 10 watermelons grown they travel abroad. The main destinations are Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

What are its properties and benefits?

Source of health

This amount of water that it contains gives it an important satiating capacity and a refreshing effect. But there is more because it is rich in vitamin B9, A, B6 and C, in addition to folate and zinc. These vitamins and elements contribute to the normal functioning of our immune system.

It is really versatile, and thanks to its genuine sweetness, this fruit is one of the favorites of children and with them they can be prepared from gazpachos and soups to ice cream, salads, smoothies, as well as surprising hot dishes.

What are the most consumed varieties?

Believe it or not, there is about 750 varieties of watermelon, only fifty are among the most consumed.

CuteSolar name that, among the most consumed varieties in Spain, stand out the black watermelon (with and without seeds), the striped (with and without seeds) and the mini watermelon.

Seedless is ideal for children, as it responds to a growing demand in the market for fruits that are more comfortable to eat.

Tips for choosing the best watermelon

Choosing the right summer fruit is not always easy. Well, it can have a great exterior appearance that does not always correspond to its interior.

Finger strokes

One trick is to tap it lightly with your fingers, if it sounds hollow it will mean that it is in its ideal state.

External appearance

We will know if the fruit is ripe if the stain on the peel that has been in contact with the ground is creamy yellow. On the contrary, if this is white or greenish indicates that the fruit was picked early and, therefore, its taste will be insipid.

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