Tricks to remove blackheads easily and naturally


When for different reasons fat is located on our face, it is possible that this accumulation gives rise to the appearance of one of the less pleasant symptoms of this phenomenon: those commonly called black spots, which we all want to immediately remove when we see them.

Above all, common in the area of ​​the nose and its surroundings, blackheads respond to a clogged skin pores, as a consequence of the excessive production of sebum or, likewise, of certain bad habits, such as removing make-up incorrectly.

When melanin multiplies, the drainage of the sebaceous gland is impeded, and that generates those annoying black spots that are usually accompanied by other problems such as oily skin, which is already giving us some clues about how to eliminate them.

Home tricks to prevent blackheads on the face

As a general recommendation, we can advise carrying out a solid cleansing routine, at least once or twice a day, in the morning and at night, always with extremely cold water, removing all the fat and debris that the face lodges.

Then, evidently, many choose to accompany this custom of facial hygiene with cosmetics, especially creams, which are manufactured according to the type of face. Medical treatments, such as scrubs for example, can be key in these circumstances.

As we mentioned before, if you usually putting on makeup for aesthetic or professional reasonsYou must make sure to remove every last trace of makeup before going to sleep because otherwise your pores will not oxygenate for hours, reproducing blackheads.

Moisturizing the skin, not only with chemical products such as moisturizers or oils, but also by consuming at least two liters of water a day, is another of the basic options to suggest.

Homemade tricks to remove blackheads from the face and face

Hot water: take advantage of the hot water from the shower, and the humid environment thanks to the steam that is produced, to press on the blackheads and remove them more easily.

Egg whites: after washing your face, and if you prefer the alternatives that nature provides, use egg whites and apply them on top of your face with toilet paper, removing each layer as it hardens. Repeat this process two or three times a day.

Brown sugar: Brown sugar is a pure exfoliator, enough to reduce the proliferation of blackheads by gently spreading it on the face.

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