To relax, before digestive problems … Drink cinnamon water!


If many of us are aware of the health benefits that oat milk and other infusions produced from food can bring to our health, it is also likely that we are missing some equally interesting as cinnamon water.

Of course, we are aware that cinnamon has innumerable virtues thinking about the health of human beings, but its consumption from cinnamon water is not too frequent, paradoxically, when it is one of the simplest and most recommended ways of ingesting it.

The cinnamon water, which is nothing other than the Cinnamon teaIt is a drink that is prepared from the infusion of one or two cinnamon sticks in boiling water, resting there for a few minutes. Quickly, the first thing that will invade you during the process is that characteristic aroma.

However, we are here to discover some of the advantages that cinnamon water contemplates when incorporating it into our diet, which are based on its healing and medicinal effects.

The many properties of cinnamon water

The properties of cinnamon water are abundant and, in general, the same as those of cinnamon: vitamins C and B1 and various minerals, such as magnesium, iron and calcium, in addition to fiber.

In practice, cinnamon water acts as a powerful relaxant, capable of affecting the mood of both young and old, although it offers other more specific applications, of course.

Helps the digestive system

Cinnamon tea is absolutely advisable for those who suffer from problems related to the digestive system, streamlining those slow processes, thus avoiding the annoying appearance of gas or flatulence, and eliminating toxins due to their diuretic and cleansing qualities.

Accelerates menstruation

This infusion can accelerate menstruation in case it is somewhat delayed, in addition to balancing irregular cycles, and even contribute in the last and difficult weeks of pregnancy.

It prevents illnesses

It facilitates the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol, controlling the levels of glucose and LDL cholesterol in the blood through its antioxidants.

Good for diet

Finally, it helps with weight loss periods, providing a feeling of satiety without adding calories or other harmful content, reducing appetite naturally.

And what contraindications does it have?

Not too many or too important, but if you overdo it, you could suffer symptoms such as drowsiness, feeling sad or an increased heart rate.



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