Tips to enjoy a safe San Juan Night


Bonfires, firecrackers, fire and injuries. The San Juans night It is magical but with fire as the protagonist, injuries increase and hospitalization also. This year, there is also more flexibility for the end of the state of alarm. So we must know the tips to enjoy and avoid injuries by firecrackers.

According to Sanitas, 25% of emergencies during the San Juan festival are motivated by eye damage related to the handling of firecrackers and pyrotechnics.

And it is that every year, during the Night of San Juan, the influx to the emergency services of people who have suffered an eye accident while handling firecrackers increases significantly.

According to specialists, some injuries cause detachments in the retina, which must be intervened urgently in order to “save” the sight. In other cases we see abrasions of the cornea that may require a transplant and, in the worst case, we see an explosion of the eyeball that leads to the loss of the eye.

Be careful with the kids

It is essential to pay special attention that the little ones use firecrackers authorized for their age and do so under the supervision of an adult. Nor should we forget that firecrackers should not be thrown at anyone, nor light them when there are crowds or in a closed space …

Protective goggles

In addition, the experts at Sanitas recommend that, although it may seem cumbersome, it is highly recommended to wear protective glasses so as not to suffer any damage.

Don’t rub your eyes

The stinging and pain can be overwhelming, but rubbing your eyes will only make things worse if something happens.

Beware of wounds, how to act?

If there is an open wound in the external area of ​​the eye, light pressure must be applied to contain the bleeding, clean with saline solution, apply cold and clean compresses and transfer the person to an emergency department.


If we see that there are small abrasions due to the entry of a foreign body, it is advisable to wash the eye abundantly with saline or water, but without squeezing the eye.

Visit emergencies

It is clear that, in the event of any problem related to the injuries on Midsummer Night, it is important to go to the doctor, especially to the emergency room, because even if it is believed that it may be something minor, it is always important that a doctor review us.

And above all, professionals call for responsibility and prudence in everything.

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