These are the other healthy drinks you can drink, beyond water


Water is the healthiest drink we have. According to the WHO, clean and easily accessible water is important to public health, whether it is used for drinking, for domestic use, to produce food or for recreational purposes. Now well beyond the water, there are also other healthy drinks that you should take.

We show you what they are so that you take them into account and make use of them when you are thirsty.

Green Tea

Or tea in general, because any kind is good for us, since it is an excellent drink that provides nutrients for our general health. In general, it has antioxidants and helps purify the body, detoxify and feel better. It contains tannin and catechin, among other components, and they are responsible for the great antioxidant power that they give to protect the skin from external agents.

Orange juice

Obviously we are referring to the natural orange juice, which freshly squeezed is very good and provides plenty of vitamins. A 250 milliliter glass of orange juice contains about 110 calories, and that’s more than a whole orange, which has 45. So it’s a good drink but cannot substitute for whole fruits.

Turmeric infusion

There are several excellent herbal teas that are established with healthy drinks beyond water. In this case, the infusion of turmeric is one of the best, but its nutrients are also attributable to other types of infusions in general. They have almost the same characteristics as water.

Beet juice

This juice provides a diversity of minerals and vitamins, and especially antioxidants, something that helps cleanse our body and at the same time fight against free radicals that we have.

Hot milk

It also has many nutrients, especially calcium that is needed for growth stages in children and adolescents, and also for older people when it comes to protecting our bones.

Lemon water

Much has been debated about diets based on lemon water, but apart from it, because a good diet must be made up of various healthy foods, lemon water is good for different reasons. For example, helps eliminate toxins from the body, and it is also digestive and favors the cleaning of the bloodstream.

Drinks that are better to have away

In general, alcohol is not healthy at all, and neither are soda and carbonated drinks.

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