These are the most common health problems during the summer


Pools, mountains, heat … summer is a fascinating time of vacation, but also of various accidents, infections and diseases. Know the most common health problems during the summer.

So you can prevent unwanted problems sooner, both for adults and children.

Heat stroke

If we do not hydrate, we can suffer heat stroke when temperatures are somewhat extreme. These days and especially in central hours, the ideal is to stay at home, turn on the air conditioning and drink lots of water. We can also cool off at the beach or pool.


They happen every summer and it’s something we know. Skin burns occur from too much sun. Thus, the ideal is to take care of the skin before, during and after the summer, with the application of the corresponding sunscreen so as not to burn ourselves.

Stomach flu

These problems are usually common during the summer. This happens because there are viruses and we get infected and it usually affects children much more because of being in contact with other children. With the mask, due to the coronavirus, these symptoms have been seen little, but in summer, outdoors and when masks are no longer a priority, they can trigger this disease.


It is another of the most common health problems during the summer. Is inflammatory pathology of the conjunctival membrane sIt also usually affects the little ones. And it is due to infections in swimming pools and beaches. We notice how the eye is irritated, red, itchy and cries.


Along with conjunctivitis, it is another of the conditions that happen at this time of year. This disease, which manifests itself especially with earache, happens when swimming and being on the beach, swimming pools, because there are bacteria and / or fungi that can enter the ear and then this infection passes.

To solve it, we must go to the doctor who will give us a treatment based on antibiotics.

Warts and others on the skin

Various problems arise especially in the feet, such as dryness, athlete’s feet, plantar warts, they come out for various reasons, but some of them are due to heat, infections and contact with certain surfaces.

General allergies

Certain allergic reactions take place in summer. It might be because food allergies, from insect bites, the sun and heat, etc. So we must be careful with what we always eat safely and apply the appropriate anti-mosquito sprays and not be in humid places in certain areas at sunset.

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