These are the mistakes you make when hydrating your feet


In summer, the feet become more dry and all kinds of problems arise. They are more dry and irritable and this hinders good health. You sure make mistakes when it comes to hydrate feet that can be solved with a few gestures.

And it is that we all deserve to show off more beautiful and cared feet, and without those annoying hardness that appears.

Shoes that are loose or tight

In summer, the foot is exposed, and this makes it suffer much more especially for not choosing the right shoe. It may be that the sandals are wider or narrower, and with the heat, the hardness increases.

Do not take care of excess dryness

It is time when dryness is established especially in the heels and can even hurt us. If you do not take good care of your feet with moisturizers, the problem may be greater and appear not only cracks but many others that are later more difficult to remove.

No peels

To alleviate all this, it is important to exfoliate the feet, especially before summer, during and at the end.

We do not apply routines to hydrate the feet

Whether or not we have dryness problems, hydration is extremely important at this time of year.

Thus, we need to do it every day especially at night, before going to sleep, soaking them with soap and water and with the specific cream that helps us prevent daily dryness due to heat.

Feet always closed

In summer, especially the feet must breathe and spend time outdoors, it is true that on the beach and the pool they are already in the air but sometimes it is not enough.

You do not use the specific cream for feet

If you use a cosmetic cream that you think works for everything, you are wrong. Because to treat the feet, we must do it with a specific cream for this part of the body.

You do not use flip flops and others in swimming pools

The best thing to do in public restrooms or changing rooms is to leave flip-flops on. Otherwise, we can catch an infection in the feet, as they tend to proliferate at this time of year and add more problems.

Do not apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is for the whole body. And this means, both for the face, and for arms, legs, feet, etc. Sometimes we forget certain areas that can also burn and must also be protected with a protector.

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