These are the incredible benefits and properties of dates


Although it is a fruit that can go somewhat unnoticed because we do not usually eat it daily and its flavor is something special, dates they have incredible benefits and properties. You can already take good note to have better health thanks to this food that, in addition, is very versatile.

We must emphasize that it is a seasonal food that we have during the fall and that comes from the date palm. For this reason, it is not surprising that it is widely used in countries where this tree is quite abundant.

The truth is that the date is a fruit from a long time ago, that is, more than 50,000 years ago.

What are the advantages of tasting dates?

Reduce bad cholesterol

Among these benefits, it should be noted that they reduce bad cholesterol because according to various studies they reveal that it helps keep cholesterol at bay and this is also related to the risks of heart-related diseases.

Improve digestion

Dates offer a greater number of benefits and for this it is noteworthy that they improve digestion and also prevent constipation.

This is because they have a good amount of fiber and this helps regulate our digestion system, to control hunger because they offer satiety, and all this, in addition, helps greatly to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as constipation.

They have a variety of vitamins and minerals

These benefits arise because it has a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as A, which prevents diseases related to the eyes, vitamin B5, which controls the nervous system, or minerals such as calcium, which is really good for strengthening bones, at certain ages such as childhood or when we are older to avoid fractures.

Prevents anemia

Another of the conditions of dates is that they have B9 (folate folic acid), iron and vitamin C and this union of nutrients allows us to be stronger and not lack iron. With this we prevent anemia, and those processes with vitamin deficiencies.

With this it is good for its oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. While the aforementioned vitamin C has the ability to absorb iron.


  • Follow a well-varied diet and you will see how your health gains
  • Incorporate the date into your diet whenever you can in different dishes

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