These are the best sunscreen to take care of your skin in summer


Taking care of the skin is essential at any time of the year, but in summer having protected skin is a necessity that we must not forget to avoid spots, skin problems or burns caused by high exposure to the sun. Thus, Sunscreen is an essential item in our suitcase when we go on a trip. Furthermore, dermatologists strongly recommend that we use sunscreen (FP) throughout the year, although it is clear that in summer this recommendation cannot be forgotten.

In this sense, Dra. Aurora Garre, Medical Marketing Manager at ISDIN, believes that «we are used to using sunscreen in summer to avoid, mainly, sunburn caused by UVB radiation, especially at midday. But in reality, from dawn to dusk, sunlight is present in our lives, either entering through our windows or impacting us when we go outside or do outdoor activities. And adds: “In these cases, we have to be aware that we are impacted by UVA radiation and visible light, both of which are the main causes of chronic sun damage.”

How can we prevent sun damage to the skin?

Specialists explain that it is essential use photoprotection on a daily basis. In addition, in this matter we have a very high diversity of products that protect the body and facial skin with high guarantees, both for the large and small of the family. We must all protect ourselves from the sun in summer !!

Today we focus on sunscreen for the whole body and These are the best recommendations on the market. Write down and choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes. You have to take into account, yes, that a good sunscreen has to be broad spectrum, that is, protect from UVA and UVB rays, be waterproof and have a high sun protection factor (SPF 30 or higher).

For this reason, it is important to choose a sunscreen that we like and whose application is more pleasant for us. We must find the texture that best suits our lifestyle and taste, so that it guarantees its use in a pleasant way and opt for photoprotectors that add active ingredients that reinforce the protective function of the skin of the product, such as antioxidants. This is the case of ISDIN, whose body photoprotectors have a plus: In cosmetics, there are already many products that fulfill a double function, but in the photoprotection sector ISDIN is a pioneer.

Dr. Garre explains that “there are many textures that adapt to different tastes and activities that are carried out. For example, biphasic textures are oleo-aqueous lotions that provide high protection and provide an immediate drying moisturizing action and refreshing effect ».

Sunscreen ISDIN Transparent Spray Wet Skin

The Sunscreen ISDIN Transparent Spray WET SKIN is the reference body sunscreen and leader in the category of sprays in the Spanish market. It is characterized by its texture in clear, fresh and immediately drying spray, which prevents sand from sticking to the skin, for example.

What’s more, features exclusive wet skin technology, which allows it to be applied even on wet skin (from bathing or sweating) while maintaining the protection factor and protective efficacy of the product without leaving a white residue. This spray also has Ginger Cell Protect, 100% natural ginger root extract rich in 6-Shogaol that provides cell fortification against UVB radiation-induced damage along with antioxidant activity.

Photoprotector ISDIN Lotion Spray SPF 50

This body sunscreen is also available ISDIN Lotion Spray SPF 50 in lotion presents a Very light formula that absorbs immediately, intensely hydrating the skin. Like the Transparent spray, it also has the antioxidant power of Ginger Cell Protect. And it is suitable for all skin types, including atopic and sensitive skin.

Photoprotector ISDIN Hydro Oil SPF 30

The Photoprotector ISDIN Hydro Oil is a biphasic double action body that has high UVB / UVA SPF30 protection and enhances the natural tanning of the skin by 43% more thanks to its content in Pro-Melanin Technology, promoting natural defenses against UV radiation.

It is an oleo-aqueous, moisturizing and drying lotion.

Anthelios XL 50+ Spray 1 200 ML

Anthelios XL 50+ Spray 1 200 ML offers broad spectrum protection that helps prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays, infrared-A and pollution. It’s ultra-resistant to water, sweat and sand, and its texture is light and not sticky!

Photoprotector ISDIN Hydrolotion SPF 50

This other biphasic sunscreen Photoprotector ISDIN Hydrolotion SPF 50 offers a double action. On the one hand, it provides high UVB / UVA protection with an SPF 50, and on the other, it detoxifies and revitalizes the skin exposed to the sun thanks to the antioxidant action of Chlorella Maris.

It is an oleo-aqueous, moisturizing and immediately drying lotion, suitable for atopic and sensitive skin.

Avène Spray SPF 50+

There is also this other sunscreen on the market Avène Spray SPF 50+ It has a filter system that contains only 4 sun filters for a very broad UVB-UVA protection, photostable and effective over time, and optimal skin tolerance.

It also has a unique antioxidant complex (Pre-Tocopheryl + Tialidine) for global cellular protection against oxidative stress. Offers immediate and long-lasting comfort and 6 hours of hydration.

Photoderm Max Spray 50+ 1 400 ML

Photoderm Max Spray 50+ 1 400 ML offers a very high optimized protection against UVA / UVB rays to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals (burns, sun intolerance, oxidative stress, etc.).

In addition, it activates the natural defenses of the skin and protects it from cell damage.

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