There is already a date for the provision of the Spanish intranasal vaccine


There is less and less left for us to have the Spanish Covid-19 vaccine. In fact, there are two in development, but one of them is the Spanish intranasal vaccine that will have greater protection from the virus in the respiratory tract. For this there are already dates to have the Spanish intranasal vaccine. When it will be?

Developed by the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), this vaccine, with 100% immunity, will prevent vaccinated people from getting sick or transmitting the virus.

When will it be ready?

Several dates are being considered, although at first it was said that it could be ready around the beginning of 2022, now from the CSIC they point out that it could be available at the end of next year.

More effective

Virologist Luis Enjuanes and his team, who are developing this intranasal vaccine, explain to La Sexta, that it is 100% effective, a total immunity in which you can neither catch nor transmit the virus.

Therefore, the virus that invades the immunized person is not capable of replicating itself. For these reasons, the Spanish intranasal vaccine is also called sterilizing.

They differ with the rest of vaccines

To begin with, as it is intranasal, it is different from the rest of the vaccine in several aspects. Well, it will not be inoculated with a puncture in the arm, if not directly in the nose, this is how it works through the entry route of the virus. The doctor commented that this helps the vaccine go to various areas such as the lungs.

The way to inject it, then, is easy and simple, and everyone can do it directly from home, because it would be like applying a spray to the nose. Although, it is not yet known exactly if it will be the toilets or oneself who will be able to put it on, also speeding up the procedures in this process.

At the moment good results are being seen and, as we have named, it could be among us, if all goes well, by the end of 2022.


The effectiveness and also the way of giving the vaccine are different from the rest of the doses that have been distributed in different countries. But it is also cheaper because is self-replicating, since it is applied simply with a small dose that is multiplied within the organism.

There are still many things that we do not know about the Spanish vaccine, but this good effectiveness is expected, thus being something very prominent worldwide that will position Spain as an advance in research and development.

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