The scientific reasons for sedentary lifestyle: 3 tips to avoid them


Have you ever wondered why your body refuses to exercise and prefers to sit still on the couch? Even knowing that training will give you new energy, improve your health and your appearance, do not lift a finger? Believe it or not, There is a scientific reason why your body prefers the couch over the gym.

The main reason for laziness

The main reason for our laziness to exercise has been inherited from our ancestors. For them, physical activity was essential to survive. They had to run to get food and, if necessary, flee from enemies.

But, according to Norwegian neuroscientist Ole Petter Hjelle, access to food was limited and therefore it was important to conserve energy.

Today, we don’t have to chase food or outrun the enemy in order to survive. But your brain still tells you to save energy, to avoid caloric deficits.Sedentary

3 tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Although we have developed a kind of craving for laziness, it does not mean that it is not possible to trick the brain into making physical exercise part of everyday life. According to Petter, it’s about making exercise a habit.

Make exercise a necessity

If exercise becomes part of your life, you are indirectly fighting the tendency to sedentary lifestyle. For example, you may stop driving the car and start walking or riding a bike, to go to work every day.

When you travel by bus, you can get off a stop or two early and walk to your destination, or if you have to go up several floors in a building, use the stairs.

Find your motivation

The brain will adapt little by little to the new routines and will see the physical improvements that you are achieving. Only you have to find your inner motivation every time you go to train.

For example, if you have decided to use the bicycle, do not always travel the same streets, spend your travel time enjoying the outdoors And take it as a ride

Maintains a light rhythm

For your brain to accept regular physical exercise as a habit, you don’t need to train every day. Research has shown that exercising during 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, provides 90% of its benefits.

It’s more, you can divide those 30 minutes into three sections and practice for 10 minutes in the morning, another 10 during the lunch break, and another 10 when you return home.

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