The reasons why it is not good to be at home all day


During the confinement, produced by the pandemic, we realized how important health and freedom are. Being locked up at home is not the end of the world, but it can also bring us physical and mental health problems. We tell you why it is not good be at home all day.

This happens when it becomes an area and also we do not do much at home, that is, if we have to work because we do it at home, there is no problem, but we do have to, for example, go around every day.

We isolate ourselves from the outside

It is something that should not be done. It is clear that we can spend a couple of days in pajamas, lounging, sleeping and away from the outside. But after these days, this should not be a routine because we become less social people and we close ourselves off.

Without habits, there is no stability

One of the bad things about being home all day is that schedules disappear. And without routine, he spends the day doing nothing. So we are not productive. This causes us to waste our time, our lives with all this, and our head does not focus.

Without vitamin D

Being at home all day harms our mental and physical health. Especially if this happens for many days, weeks and months. If we do not get the sun, then we have vitamin D and this reduces the protection of our immune system. Every day must give us, at least, about 10 minutes of sunOf course with the protective cream on.

When we don’t sunbathe we have fewer defenses, less energy and an increased risk of suffering from some mental problems, such as anxiety, depression and stress.

Weight gain and others

We know that we can do physical exercise at home. But, if we do not get out, we may say the typical phrase “we leave it for tomorrow”, and another day without moving. This poses prominent weight problems. The ideal is to go out, take a walk, exercise outside, and walk, which means health.

Insomnia increases

As we are not very aware of the hours and routines established between what to do morning, afternoon and night, then we sleep at odd hours, and this causes, contrary to what is thought, insomnia.

And in time we will see that our sleep is not good, we get up late or take a nap and at night we do not sleep. With all this, we tell you why it is not good be at home all day.

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