The main problems that your nails can suffer


Wearing a top manicure is not easy but, regardless of whether they are cared for and beautiful, you should know the problems that can suffer your nails throughout the year so you can prevent before it’s too late.

And is that if we see that they break easily and are not strong, there may be a problem of vitamin deficiency and it must be repaired.

Lack of minerals and vitamins

There is a clear sign that when the nails are weaker and more fragile the first cause is that perhaps we are not feeding properly.

This is that we do not have the necessary vitamins or minerals, that is, the nutrients – for our body. That shows also lack of calcium and anemia, and we must remedy it with a good diet, on the one hand, or with supplements.

However, they can also be weak from many other circumstances, so it doesn’t hurt to examine them.

What are stretch marks on nails?

Another problem that nails can suffer are stretch marks. They are usually in different ways, such as longitudinal or transverse.

When we talk about the first ones, we mention that they are the most common and they come out as we get older, usually over 60 years. On principle no specific treatment, but you have to ask why it is possible to reduce them.

Then we have the transversal ones that take place due to alterations in the growth of the nail. The causes are varied: nutritional alterations, drugs, aging of the skin.

Ingrown toenails

In this case, they can be painful and arise from abnormal growth on the sides of the nail. A wound comes out that can become infected and that must be checked so that there are no worse developments.


It is a frequent cause in nails, especially those of the feet. To know that this happens we can observe a distal color change and they are yellow, and even dust comes out under the nail.

White spots

They are also common but they do not worry us too much, and they come out but when the nail grows, then they disappear. They can have several causes, and far from what was said above, which could be due to lack of calciumIt turns out that it is not for that reason.

They appear due to slight microtrauma near the cuticle, but there are different spots of this color, because if they are larger then it may be a sign of cirrhosis.

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