The infallible tricks to deflate your feet


At certain times of the year, such as summer, it is quite common for our feet to swell, but if it is a growing problem, it is best to ask the doctor because it could be nothing or something more important. Let’s see what are the infallible tricks for deflate feet whatever the season of the year.

This problem has various causes, such as fluid retention, dryness problems, not wearing the right footwear, vascular disorders, being overweight, infections, the reaction of certain medications, etc.

How can we deflate our feet easily?

Drink water

Fluid retention is a common problem and this goes through multiple problems. In this case, it is best to drink water to end this retention because hydration is good for the detox effect we are looking for.

Physical exercise

One of the causes of foot swelling is being in one position for a long time. Especially sitting or standing. If you spend hours working with a computer then you have to get up, stretch, walk and also exercise. Well, this will make the feet breathe and move.


Go to the professional, such as the chiropodist It is something feasible to know what is the problem that we can have in the feet if it happens very often. He is also the right professional to perform foot massages. This will reduce pain and swelling for healthier feet.

Ice on swollen feet

Although at first it is a somewhat cold reaction you will see that it really relieves and especially in those hot months. Do not apply the ice directly on the skin, you should do it with a towel or cloth where to leave the ice.

Eat properly

Foods rich in fat and salt can harm our health and hypertension flourish with the consequence of fluid retention. Therefore, a healthy diet, based on fruits, fish, vegetables or vegetables will help mitigate this problem.

Wear the right footwear

Many times we spend hours wearing shoes that are not correct, even if we think they are and our feet hurt. When we take them off, we immediately see the foot swelling from the shoe. Before buying the right one, you have to know the size, but each model may be different, so better try it on in the store, and also a few days before at home when we know that we are going to wear it shortly.

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