The diuretic tea that will allow you to lose weight sooner than you think


How many times have you drunk that infusion or added that food to your diet because you think it is good? We are sure that you have gone through this process on countless occasions and that is why, in this article, we are going to focus on the Linden tea, which is a diuretic tea that will allow you to lose weight sooner.

You just have to know what the benefits and properties of this type of tea especially for your health.

Do you know the benefits of linden tea?

It is one of the most widespread varieties of tea in the world, made from the flower of the homonymous tree, and which has been able to adapt to the different aspects of classical medicine due to its positive effects against high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.

But it is noteworthy that one of its most notable advantages is how easy it can be introduced into any diet, performing smoothly in every time and place.

Has diuretic properties

The bark of the linden tree, which is involved in the step-by-step manufacturing of the tea that we purchase on the market, acts as a diuretic, detoxifying the digestive system.

For this reason, being able to facilitate the elimination of toxins and harmful elements, linden tea is a perfect infusion for people trying to lose weight quickly.

Against inflammation

Thanks to the flavonoids in its formula, linden helps with the inflammation of the body’s joints and other areas that can suffer from annoying pain.

For blood pressure

With its high content of tiliroside, rutoside and chlorogenic acid, linden has been frequently chosen by civilizations that developed great advances in natural drugs.

Relieves digestion

After lunch or dinner, linden tea is a highly recommended ally in order to overcome slow digestions, reinforcing any hot infusion suitable for this purpose, by supplying pure elements that allow to lighten food transit.


  • This type of tea also attenuates the central nervous system, relaxes us, soothes us, brings peace, puts aside the nerves.
  • Linden can be a good remedy to prevent and alleviate colds because, among others, it reduces nasal congestion.
  • Before taking it, ask your doctor if there are any contraindications, it is always better to prevent in these cases.

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