The 4 things it is best not to do after getting vaccinated


The vaccination rate continues and the figure of 15 million vaccinated will soon be reached in Spain. Some people have hardly any symptoms after receiving the doses while others do. In any case, some experts advise a few things that is better not do after vaccination. Which are?

The SUMMA coordinator, Raquel Jiménez, spoke for the program Ya es Mediodia, from Telecinco, and explained what it is better not to do in the hours after the injection, although there are other professionals who do not consider it so important to carry out these such strict rules.

Beware of sexual intercourse

Yes, the expert commented that it is better not to have sex for at least eight hours after receiving the vaccine. Not so before receiving it, so it is better that we take this into account and have sex before inoculating the dose that we have to do.

Physical exercise

Related to the above, the professional also makes it clear that it is better not to do physical exercise, of great effort, after receiving the vaccine. So there will be wait a bit to go to the gym. Although if we do stretching or a somewhat moderate sport, nothing happens.

Can you sunbathe?

There are more things that are best not to do after getting vaccinated. For example sunbathing. We are in summer and, without wanting to, the sun shines on us when we go out for a walk. Well, in addition to the sunscreen, essential in these months and many others, the SUMMA expert comments that you can go to the beach and we can bathe, but it is better not to expose ourselves to the sun.

And with alcohol?

Nor can you drink alcohol in the hours immediately after receiving the vaccine. This aspect has been dealt with by other professionals who comment that it is better do not drink too much alcohol but not then nor ever. Although, the expert reveals that it is not contraindicated to take something of but it is the same thing that should not be done when we take medications.

Vaccine and medication

Some people are interested in knowing if they can take some kind of medicine. In principle, vaccines are compatible with the different drugs that the doctor prescribes to those who need them. The SUMMA coordinator comments that if one has a headache or malaise and fever then we can take paracetamol or ibuprofen as we have been told before.

These days other doubts are emerging regarding this issue, such as whether you can eat everything or not shower after being vaccinated. Things that the expert reveals that are not contraindicated. Now you know some of the things that it is best not to do after getting vaccinated.

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