Symptoms of lung cancer


The lung cancer symptoms more significant are usually not obvious at first. Although they usually appear in more advanced stages. Tobacco is usually related to this disease to a large extent.

There are some signs that can identify other problems as well, some having nothing to do with cancer, and others deserving of immediate inspection.

Various types of coughs

The Mayo Clinic points out that coughs that last over time are common and also those that are accompanied by blood.

Chest and shortness of breath

Although there can be many causes of these two main symptoms of lung cancer, you must take into account the shortness of breath or chest pain. If this occurs for several days or is intense, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Weight loss with no apparent cause

If we are not nervous, we have not eaten less or we have not been on a diet, and even so, we have lost weight, then it may be a sign that something is not right in our body.


General bone pains and headaches can also be related to this disease.


We noted it previously. Tobacco is linked to lung cancer to a great extent.

Other symptoms

From the Spanish Association against cancer also stand out:

Dysphonia: sometimes the patient notices changes in the voice. This symptom occurs when the tumor spreads to the mediastinum, and affects the recurrent nerve that is the one that moves the vocal cords.

Dysphagia: the patient has the sensation that the food is stopped in the middle of the thorax. It occurs when the tumor or affected nodes compress the esophagus.

Horner syndrome: It occurs when the tumor affects nerve structures in the highest part of the chest. It is characterized by the drooping of the eyelid (palpebral ptosis), constricted pupil (miosis) and lack of sweating in the middle of the face corresponding to the lung where the tumor is located.

Some data

The Spanish Association Against Cancer points out that 28,645 new cases of lung cancer are detected each year in Spain and that it is the most common type of cancer in the world.

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