Stress Urticaria: Symptoms and Treatment


Itching, redness, irritation … if you scratch more than usual, you may have hives. And this arise for many reasons. And, yes, the urticaria it can also come out due to stress. Find out when it is for this reason and take action.

Although there are actually different types of hives, if there are no skin problems or intolerances or allergies, it may be due to anxiety or stress.

Well, to rule it out is a visit to the dermatologist essential so you can establish what these reasons are and why your skin itches and stings.

What is hives?

According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition occurs when we have a series of red, itchy bumps that result from a skin reaction. Hives vary in size and appear and fade repeatedly as the reaction runs its course.

The condition is considered to be chronic urticaria.a if the hives are present for more than six weeks and they reappear frequently over months or years. It is often not clear what causes chronic hives.

What are the signs that you have stress hives?

That it is due to stress is not really defined, this must be specified by the doctor when there is no other apparent cause. But it may be that this itching and hives appear when we are in a stage with a lot of work or with a lot of nerves for whatever reason.

The general symptoms of hives, as specified by the Mayo Clinic, are red or skin-colored bumps that can occur anywhere on the body, they can vary in size or shape, itching, which can be intense, painful swelling (angioedema) of the lips, eyelids, and the inside of the throat, the signs are aggravated with heat, exercise and stress.

In the event that it happens through the latter, such spots are temporary and then become worse as we see that, at certain times, we are much more anxious.

Where does the nervous itch come from?

It can actually appear in many parts of the body, but usually if it is for this problem it is most visible on the face and legs, hands, elbows or neck.

How do we treat this type of hives?

It is the doctor who determines the diagnosis and therefore the customized treatment, which can sometimes vary from one person to another.

Initially there are personalized creams that, when applied, this hives are usually reduced or eliminated.

Then there are the antihistamine medications for hypersensitivity. Now, if we are nervous, then we must attack this problem, know its causes, be less stressed, relax and meditate.

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