Severe intestinal disorders, gangrene and deafness, new symptoms of the Delta variant of Covid-19


Every day we discover new symptoms related to Covid-19. These have to do with variant Delta (India) of the coronavirus that is already in different parts of the world, including Spain. Now new reactions have emerged. Which are?

We refer to severe intestinal disorders, gangrene and deafness. Symptoms that, according to agencies, have been described in Indian patients, but that had not been seen before in those affected by other variants of Covid-19.

While experts are concerned about these new signs, they have also pointed out that more studies and scientific evidence are needed to know if they are really related to the Delta variant.

What are these symptoms?

Specifically, when we refer to such intestinal effects, gangrene or deafness, they correspond to clots, which can occur in the intestine or in other parts of the body, which provoke gangrenas that, if left untreated within 24 hours, could reduce patient survival by 50%, according to data from doctors referred to the local Times of India newspaper.

Other health experts from India have indicated that andhave treated some patients with clot problems in the last two months and some of them have suffered amputation of several fingers and a foot.

While deafness is among these somewhat unusual symptoms of this variant. In addition, the doctors report other symptoms of the Delta variant that they had already known about, such as abdominal and joint pain, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

To all this, we must also highlight the black mushroom which is affecting Covid-19 patients in India and also in various regions of America. It is a rare infection caused by a fungus that blackens tissues and is having a high incidence among sick and recovered Covid-19 patients.

The BBC reports that it would be mucormycosis, a very rare infection caused by exposure to fungi from the mucoral family. Between December and February, they reported 58 cases of the infection in different parts of India.

Vaccines and their effectiveness with the Delta variant

The scientific community still doubts the total effectiveness that vaccines can have on this dangerous variant that spreads throughout the world. What is known at the moment is that it can come to ber 60% more contagious than alpha or British variant.

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