reduce its effects with these home remedies


The Allergy in the skin it can arise from different causes. Of course, when it happens frequently, it must be explored by the dermatologist because he is the one who will indicate the treatment to follow. Its manifestations are different, and we can also reduce its effects with home remedies.

That we have the red, irritated, constantly itchy skin Very dry and scaly can be reasons for a skin allergy but can also be signs of other problems related to the dermis.

Its causes are different, from food intolerances, insect bites due to contact with certain plants, allergies to certain metals, and pet hair or a general hypersensitivity problem.

What are the home remedies that can appease a skin allergy?

Sodium bicarbonate

The truth is that it is a remedy for a good entourage of problems, especially related to the skin. This is because it has anti-inflammatory properties, among many others, and allows to balance the pH of the skin, hence this reduces some skin conditions. Always ask if you can apply it according to your skin type, since they are not all the same.


It is chosen as a remedy because it also has anti-inflammatory properties, but also many others are added such as its antioxidant power. If we use it in bathrooms, it tends to greatly reduce the itching and inflammation of the skin due to allergies, among others.

aloe vera

It is the “miracle” plant because it also promises the reduction of many problems related to the dermis. It allows to soothe the skin when we get burned by the sun or by mosquito bites. It is also recommended in cases of atopic dermatitis.

Chamomile compresses

From various specialized portals in pharmacy and phytotherapy they advise this medicinal plant to effectively treat skin problems. In this case, it is thanks to the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that chamomile has and that makes it possible to mitigate, to a great extent, itching and redness.

We must apply chamomile compresses on the skin for better penetration.

Royal jelly

Being rich in amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, it is usually used in some creams and products that are applied to the face to treat certain problems.


  • In the face of skin irritations, it is best for the specialist to see us
  • Because prevention is always better than cure, in the event of the slightest allergy reaction then a tailor-made treatment must be established.

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