Pros and cons of having plants in the kitchen


The use of plants in the kitchen must be well thought out. Placing plant life in various sectors of the home is known to offer benefits for those who inhabit them. However, it is also important to understand the limits and implications of this trend. For example, you may wonder if placing a plant in the living room is the same as in the kitchen.

Evidence indicates that having some plants allows you to oxygenate closed spaces. This without counting an endless number of religious and metaphysical beliefs that advise the incorporation of plant life in homes. Now, placing this natural element in the kitchen has both pros and cons.

The positive side of having plants in the kitchen

Plants allow better oxygenation of spaces and this has multiple advantages. When oxygen circulates better indoors, respiration is favored. This is possible from the increase in humidity and the decrease in environmental dryness.

By breathing better, people are also prone to developing more pleasant moods. Adequate oxygenation is essential to maintain concentration and relaxation. Other advantages would be the reduction of pathogens, dust and static electricity.

Plants reduce the occurrence of a series of environmental factors that decrease the quality of life. Your stay allows you to improve the conditions of the kitchen. A plant can lower the level of gases, chemicals and other unfavorable phenomena that people are exposed to when cooking. However, as they say: “everything in excess is bad.”Vegetables in the kitchen

Many plants create problems

Placing one or two plants in the kitchen improves the atmosphere, but having many generates the opposite effect. Large plantations give off carbon dioxide which can have negative implications within an enclosed space. A small kitchen could become contaminated and affect the health of the people living in the home.

People who have large plantations often deal with the appearance of insects. Being located in the kitchen the problem with pests could become uncontrollable. Not counting the possibility that some flying insects, ants and other pests occasionally invade the food.

The fact of having many plants implies an increase in particles and dirt. Certainly kitchen cleaning can become quite a complex affair than it already is.

The bottom line is that having a few plants in the kitchen is a good thing if you don’t overdo it. This is much better when there is natural ventilation near the planter. of course, the maintenance of the plantation and the cleanliness are essential to achieve a positive effect.

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