Plants against anxiety: yellow dolphin


The Yellow calderona is a plant with effective anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties. For many years it has been used in Mexico for different treatments. Due to the studies carried out, its use has intensified in different countries such as Spain. This plant is one of the most used alternative options to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder due to its natural origin and the absence of side effects.

How does the yellow pilot whale work?

Among its components it presents nor-dry-triterpenes of which the galfimines stand out. Galfimin B is responsible for the anxiolytic function of the yellow pilot whale. This plant goes directly to the brain region that controls anxiety, acting as an inhibitor in the uptake of serotonin.

The effectiveness of yellow dolphin as an alternative therapy for generalized anxiety disorder equals drugs. The importance resides in that it does not have secondary effects so that the quality of life of people can be improved. That is, it is of greater tolerability and safety for patients.

Studies that confirm the effectiveness of the yellow pilot whale

A variety of studies that verify the effects of this plant against anxiety. Yellow pilot whale has been tested in mice and humans, with positive results.

A clinical trial in which the effectiveness was compared compared to diazepam, it was possible to conclude:

  • Those who took the natural treatment manifested a reduction in your anxiety levels from the start. Likewise, the results persist and improve after week 4.
  • Patient tolerance and safety is 100%, uncoated no side effects as they do with drugs, for example, daytime sleepiness.Medicinal plants

Animal studies

Other types of research used mice to verify their theory. Indeed the results they were forceful:

  • Has a anxiolytic effect.
  • Depressive symptoms are not visualized.
  • There are no genetic alterations or manifestations of toxicology in the different organs examined.
  • In addition to the anxiolytic properties, its analgesic, anti-inflammatory powers and as a muscle relaxant.

Description of the therapeutic plant

The yellow pilot whale is a shrub that can measure up to 3 meters, with green and bluish-green leaves, yellow flowers and encapsulated fruits. For its medicinal use mainly the stem and leaves.

The trend for yellow whale as an alternative medicine for anxiety disorders is clear. A natural remedy that improves people’s quality of life and is scientifically proven has the same or greater effectiveness than the best-selling drugs for these treatments.

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