Peppermint: Properties, benefits and contraindications


Plants have always been used for their healing properties. On this special occasion, we want to stop at one of the most prominent representatives, the peppermintWell, do you know that it has many properties and benefits for your health? Here we tell you.

Teashop names as one of its various uses the preparation of an infusion and it is also possible to produce ointments to apply on the skin, something that is achieved through the essential oil of this plant.

Do you know the different properties of peppermint?

Against bad breath

Those who tend to suffer from bad breath after eating heavy meals, or as a result of digestive or oral problems, have a great companion in peppermint, a highly effective natural remedy for its refreshing action.

It is even recognized for its carminative and antispasmodic properties against gas, bloating, nausea and vomiting.


As an element to combat headaches, it can be used by rubbing oil on the key points where the pain is, directly on the skin, or inhaling it, to obtain a more general effect, in which it is relieve pressure on our upper limb, inducing calm.

It goes well when we have colds

In cures against the flu or colds, one of your Peppermint’s most prominent constituents, menthol, is useful to reduce mucus, relieving the discomfort of a sore throat, improving breathing. Its use is advised in drops of oil, in a humidifier, inhaling.

Against skin irritation

This herb becomes a topical application that is also praised for its suitability against skin irritation, whether caused by sunburns, bites of different species of insects, or rashes like those caused by poisonous plants.

Regulates wounds

In the blog of Farmacia Ribera they indicate that it also regulates the body. The oil made with this plant acts as a stimulant helping to normalize hormone secretion, enzymes, bile and gastric juices.

And not only that because the brain, the immune system and the circulation of the blood work much better.

As relaxing

In its topical use, peppermint oil is capable of offering a total relaxing action and also has anti-irritant and analgesic effects. By this it reduces pain and improves blood flow to the affected area.

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